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Blood Test


Ask you primary care physician to run these labs for you so you can bring results to your Lyme Literate Doctor upon your first visit.

This may expedite the start of treatment. 


These in igg/igm
*Lyme ELISA (regular lab) 
*Lyme western blot (regular lab)
*Borrelia Miyamotoi (regular lab-quest/MDL)
*Babesia microti (regular lab)
*Babesia Ducani (regular labs- quest/MDL)
*Bartonella Henselea (regular lab)
*Bartonella Quintana  (regular lab) 
*Ehrlichia Chaffeensis HME, (regular lab)
*Ehrlichia Equine also called Anaplasma Phagocytophilum (regular lab)
*Mycloplasma pneumonia (regular lab)
*Rickettsial Disease (regular lab)
*Q-Fever also called C. Burneti (regular lab)
*Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (regular lab)
*Brucella (regular lab)
*Chlamydia pneumonia (regular lab)
*Tularemia (regular lab)
*Typhus (regular lab) 
*Toxoplasma (regular lab) 
*Powassan virus (only for serious cases)

Common Viruses that if extremely high levels can indicate Lyme should be checked further 
*Cytomegalovirus CMV (regular lab) 
*Epstein Barr Virus EBV (regular lab) 
*Human Herpes Virus (regular lab) 
*Parvovirus b19 (regular lab) 
*West Nile Virus (regular lab)
*Coxsackie Virus (regular lab)

For Chronic Strep:
*ASO strep test (regular lab) 
*Antidnase strep test (regular lab)

If tests are negative or inconclusive would then need specialty testing

(we would refer you to a place but it’s not covered under insurance)


Always Remember: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Lyme can be diagnosed clinically by. a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. 


Specialty labs:
Stonybrook, Igenex, Galaxy, Armin, T-lab, Moleculera, Vibrant America, EverlyWell


Only Stonybrook University Lab might be covered under some NY insurances

If you can't get the lab work done, please call us as we possibly can help you.

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